A passive production hall was an important milestone for Elwiz company. The hall (the first of its type in Poland), was constructed in Świdnica near Zielona Góra in January 2015. The investment was granted scientific support by Dipl. Ing. Günter Schlagowski, founder of the Polish Institute of Passive Construction and Renewable Energy.



The two buildings: a production hall equipped with a state-of-the-art machinery stock and an office building, the company’s new seat, boast numerous innovative technological solutions ensuring extremely high energy efficiency, e.g.:

a very good insulation of the building’s coating

top quality passive control windows (the energio passiv® and ultra/aktiv® ranges)

zone forced-air conditioning with heat recovery

a system of external shading protecting from excess sunlight from the south in the summer

a system of low-temperature radiant heating in the form of a fan coil ensuring comfortable room temperature

Why the decision to apply pioneering solutions which require higher investment costs? As a model project, the hall is to represent new quality and set trends as well as debunk myths accompanying passive house solutions in Poland. We prove that a well-designed and constructed building ensures not only great comfort but also tangible benefits for the investor: energy savings up to 80-95% in comparison with traditional buildings now constructed in Poland.


The new investment hosts the seat of Elwiz company and a hall where state-of-the-art windows are produced  for passive control and energy efficient buildings. The venue is also a hub of development and transfer of knowledge where we share our passion with others.