Passion accompanies everything we do and motivates us to constantly grow, to look for our own way of operating, to share our knowledge and experience in passive house solutions and energy efficient technologies.

We believe that passive house solutions are not a fleeting fashion but the future. We co-create that future, setting new directions for products development and encouraging to apply energy efficient and top quality solutions.


Innovations are more than modernity, more than following the spirit of the time. Our intention is to be ahead of the market by launching original, patented solutions and enhancing our products.

We are certain that passive control houses are the future of the Polish building construction. They are equipped with windows and doors offering top thermal insulation parameters, protecting buildings from energy loss and ensuring good bend lighting.

We have implemented and patented new technologies, complying with the highest  standards of limiting heat loss. Coupled with modern methods of warm installation, they ensure comfort of living and generate considerable savings.

Our mission is to respond to our customers’ needs by fulfilling their expectations at the time of purchase and beyond.


The idea of sustainable development based on activities neutral to the planet and respect of natural resources is of great importance to us. Responsibility is at the foundation of our philosophy of marking our presence in the natural and local environments. We operate in a beautiful region enjoying the biggest forestation rate in the country. The region hosts 61 natural reserves with 1,510 protected natural monuments. The region enjoys a rich, multicultural history and wine production traditions going back to the 13th century. As we draw on these sources we also take care of the natural environment!

As a token of our involvement in ecology, we develop high quality, certified products and we have built a passive solutions production plant, the first in  Europe, now also hosting the company’s seat. By propagating energy efficient building construction, we provide our customers with the comfort of warmth and independence but also contribute to protecting the climate.

Responsibility also stands for accountability to our customers who have selected our products and want to enjoy their high quality, durability and aesthetics for years.


At present, informed customers expect unbiased, comprehensive information about the product. They want promises AND proofs. The excellent quality of our products and their parameters are confirmed with numerous certificates and approvals like the certificate granted by the Institute of Passive Houses in Darmstadt (Passivhaus Institut Darmstadt) attesting that the Elwiz energio passiv® window can be applied in passive house solutions all over the world. Elwiz has been appointed Ambassador of Passive House Solutions by the Polish Institute of Passive House Solutions and Renewable Energy – yet another proof of the high standard of our products and services.


We want Elwiz products not only to ensure effectiveness, warmth and safety but also to be beautiful and durable. We want them to be enjoyed for years and by generations… To provide solutions for “the future”.

The materials we use are extremely flexible. The only limit is the customer’s creativity. Working with passion, we create beautiful things.