Elwiz is a manufacturer of high quality PVC and ALUminium windows and doors  which are sold in the European market.  Our operations revolve around energy efficiency and passive control technologies. We are a leading supplier of products for passive house solutions and energy efficient houses in Poland. We implement the idea of passive control in all the areas of the company’s operations.


Elwiz was established in 2003. At first, the company employed barely 10 people while its production capacity did not exceed 50 windows a day. A lot has changed since that time and the changes continue. In 2010, the company was transformed into a public joint stock company and changed its seat by relocating production to its own plot of land at 11 Obwodowa Street in Świdnica.

Elwiz keeps growing not only by increasing its production capacity but also doubling its revenues, every single year.  As the product offer is being extended, the number of products protected with innovation patents is growing.

March 2003:  PCV-joinery production starts

When the company was seated in Płoty, it employed 10 individuals. Our first production hall was about 500 m2 and the offices another 30 m2.

2008: the company already had 40 employees

2008: the company already had 40 employees and  the number kept growing. Plans were made to relocate the company to a bigger seat.

2010: Elwiz is transformed into a public joint stock company

Transformation of Elwiz into a public joint stock company and relocation from Płoty to Świdnica near Zielona Góra, to the company’s own production hall with offices and warehouses.

2010: a window for passive house solutions

Works started on designing a window for energy saving and passive house solutions.

2011: patent granted

The company was granted a patent for its method of production of casement/leaf  profiles and frames for windows and doors with increased thermal insulation.

2012: the decision to build a passive production hall made

A decision was made to build the first Polish passive control production hall in Świdnica.

2013: a certificate granted by the Institute of Passive Control Houses in Darmstadt

We were the first Polish producer of PVC windows granted a certificate of the Institute of Passive Control Houses in Darmstadt (the Elwiz energio passiv® window).

2015: the passive production hall commissioned

A passive production hall of about 2 ha area commissioned. The production complex hosting Elwiz company seat consists of two halls: the PVC and the aluminium one.

2015: the company granted a quality management certificate

The company was granted a certificate of implementing and applying a quality management system in production of energy saving and passive control windows in line with ISO 9001:2008.

2016: company’s growth and increase in production capacity

At present, Elwiz employs more over 10 times more people while our daily production capacity has grown by 1000%.