Energio line

An original line of top quality products with respect to the modern design and the quality of workmanship alike. The above-average insulation parameters of the energio® window are best applied in energy efficient and passive house solutions. When correctly installed, they effectively limit heat losses in buildings.
In the energio® products, we employ our innovative technological solutions which boost the windows’ efficient energy use (patent no. P.396141).
The metal reinforcement of the profiles forming a thermal bridge has been replaced with the so-called warm frame made from polymer composites which definitely enhances the window’s insulating parameters. It also limits water condensation on the pane surface. Lower air permeability has been achieved without increasing the sill depth or the window’s weight.
The Energio line combines modern design and solid workmanship; as a result, it is a long-term investment. The three variants available as part of the Elwiz energio® line offer a choice of windows with parameters perfectly tailored to individual needs.


Energio passiv ®

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Energio standard

Windows with re-insulated reinforcement. An optimal combination of economy and energy efficiency[…]


Energio ultra/aktiv

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