About us

Elwiz is a manufacturer of high quality PVC and ALUminium windows and doors which are sold in the European market.

Our mission

We provide our customers with excellent views to the future, offering them solutions for many years to come: durable, modern, efficient and environmentally friendly. Our windows and doors make houses comfortable, safe and healthy.

Our vision

To be a company developing modern technologies in passive house solutions, implementing with passion original, innovative solutions.

What makes us different?

Elwiz is a manufacturer of high quality PVC and ALUminium windows and doors  which are sold in the European market.

What makes us different? A detailed vision and an uncompromising business philosophy. Our operations revolve around energy efficiency and passive control technologies. We are a leading supplier of products for passive house solutions and energy efficient houses in Poland. We implement the idea of passive control in all the areas of the company’s operations. It inspires us to be innovative, to create new solutions and to constantly raise the quality of the products we offer to ensure that they cope with future challenges and satisfy all the customers’ needs.

As the customers’ awareness grows, technologies largely reducing the energy intake in buildings have been gaining in popularity. However, few companies may boast solutions as technologically advanced as those offered by Elwiz. We are the first Polish producer of PVC windows offering certified products for passive house solutions and first-hand installation experience.

Our products are dedicated to various users: individual customers as well as developers, single-family houses, multi-residential buildings and large urban office investments. We offer our customers classical and modern forms alike together with technological and energy solutions tailored to future demands.

We can satisfy the requirements in many markets. Elwiz’s offer includes products adjusted to the needs of investors all over Europe: basic windows, energy efficient ones and most complex built-in windows, the so-called Dutch windows and French windows. Our original offer consists of facade systems and sliding systems which allow for delivering beautiful window panes and terrace doors in non-standard formats and sizes.

We regularly enter new markets. Our windows are convenient and aesthetic elements in numerous houses, housing estates and office buildings all over the world. In Poland, they are a part of Ecoville near Warsaw, an estate of passive single family houses, in the first passive control school building in Budzów, a passive control sports hall in Waganowice or an energy efficient multi-residential building in Zielona Góra. We are happy that, just like us, our customers choose solutions with the future in mind.